The Hoot Hoots

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Fuzz, synths, sing-a-longs, head-hum inducing hooks. Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots bring all this and more in their live shows and in their two most recent releases, Feel The Cosmos and Appetite for Distraction.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Prairie grew up with his brother/drummer Chris in the middle of Midwestern corn fields in Clifton, IL. The two played whiffle ball and Nintendo, watched the original Star Wars trilogy obsessively, and learned to play guitars, drums, and Casio keyboards in the bedroom they shared for most of their formative years.

Since then they've rounded out their sound with bassist Geoff Brown and keyboardist Christina Ellis, and they've released two albums, and their latest EP Feel the Cosmos was named Seattle Metropolitan Magazine's album of the month. Indie Rock Cafe included them in their DIY Bands to Watch in 2013, and Seattle radio station KEXP named their single from Feel the Cosmos, Go For A Walk, song of the day for Jan. 18 2013, saying, "Even now in the bands early stages, we are seeing some seriously promising omens of success from the Hoot Hoots, and their newest release, Feel The Cosmos, is of course no exception."